Father’s Day Forecast (6/18/22)

Father’s Day is going to see near normal temperatures with not a whole lot of humidity and plenty of sunshine.

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A perfect day to get outside with dad! Even if you don’t have outside plans with dad, getting out and about on Sunday will be the day to do it because it’s going to get hot and humid again soon.

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Highs on Monday will be a little above average, but the dewpoint won’t be too high so it won’t feel humid. We’ll see mostly sunny skies with a bit of a breeze.

The heat then kicks back in and the high is expected to be around 100 degrees on Tuesday, which would be a new record high. The dewpoint will start to creep back up into the middle 60s, so you’ll start to feel the humidity again.

The extended forecast has more upper 90s and lower 100s through the rest of the week with a chance for storms Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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KBSI Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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