Feeling hot, hot, hot: dry and warm week ahead (9/17/22)

Looking ahead into next week, the forecast will remain dry and warmer than normal. Several times next week and including Sunday, we will see temperatures above 90 degrees as the dewpoints steadily rise to be around 70 degrees and humid. Winds out of the south and southwest will assist with keeping the warm weather around and reintroducing more moisture into the lower atmosphere so we can feel it.

Dma Tomorrow High

We have seen the Skeeter Meter at its lowest recently, but with the lack of rain there is not a good reason to bump up the next few days drastically. To finish out the weekend and start off the work week, temperatures will continue to climb and be a lot warmer than the average of 80 degrees for this time of year. With that, the Skeeter Meter will stay in the “medium” category through Tuesday.

Skeeter Meter

Record temperatures on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are currently all 94 degrees. With the current forecast, we could be breaking each of those records with a new ones all set this year as highs rise into the upper 90s to start off next week. By the end of the week though, the pattern breaks off into the mid 80s by the weeks. Not much of a relief, and no rain to be seen in the forecast for now.

3 7 Day Forecast

Meteorologist Jessica Blum

FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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