Frost expected through AM Wednesday, then possible Severe Weather Friday

Temperatures drop into the lower 30s Wednesday morning with light wind and clear skies, frost is likely to occur in the AM hours. Wednesday afternoon warms up into the 60s, clear skies continue into Thursday. Between late Thursday evening and early morning Friday a storm system makes its way into our viewing area. Heavy rain and possible thunderstorms are expected for the FOX23 coverage area Friday evening. Temperatures warm up into the upper 60s throughout the next three days.



Wednesday morning we will be seeing temperatures in the 30s. Light wind, low temperatures and clear skies, with these conditions it is likely we will see frost.



Wednesday starts off cool but quickly warms up into the lower 60s for the remainder of the day.



The FOX23 viewing area is in a 30% Risk to see Severe Weather on Friday. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected for the evening hours on Friday, we will continue to track the direction and timing of this storm system as it approaches.



Temperatures are on a steady warm up throughout Friday. Sunny skies for the next two days then a storm system makes its way in on Friday. The first day of April on Saturday, will be dry and cool, temperatures expected to drop into the upper 50s before warming up once again for the start of the next work week. Chance for more rain comes back early next week, but April showers bring May flowers.


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Krista Chang

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