Heat is Sticking Around (7/25/22)

The heat and humidity is for a little while longer. Especially Tuesday.

Kbsi Forecast

High temperatures are going to be a few degrees above the average high, and will range from the upper 80s to the north to the lower 100s to the south and southwest. Unfortunately, the humidity is going to be sticking around, too.

Kbsi Forecast Hi

The heat index will be problematic. Temperatures are expected to feel like they are in the 100-110 degree range, so take it easy if you have to be outside. Stay hydrated, find the shade/AC often, and check in on the elderly often.

Kbsi Humidity

It likely goes without saying, the humidity factor will be off the charts. Because of the heat, humidity, lack of wind, and potential for rain, the Skeeter Meter is very high, too.

Kbsi Skeeter

On the plus side, the chances for rain are plentiful, so if you need the rain, hopefully you see it. Temperatures do cool off a bit down the road, too.

Kbsi 7day

KBSI Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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