Much warmer by Sunday (2/4/23)

Highs on Saturday were only in the upper 30s in and around Cape Girardeau. The good news: we warm up from here into the foreseeable future. Temperatures overnight will not vary much as we will be mostly cloudy into Sunday.

Hour By Hour Tonight Kbsi

Both Saturday and Sunday night the full moon will be visible. Peak brightness will happen around 12:28 p.m. Sunday afternoon, with the best chance to view the full moon being Sunday night. Mostly cloudy conditions will make things more difficult to see, but there is a better chance for clearing to close out the weekend.

Full Moon Forecast

Our warmest air of the month so far arrives by Sunday. Temperatures will be much warmer than this past week as we see highs in the lower 50s by the afternoon. Looking ahead into next week, temperatures continue to increase through Tuesday ahead of our next rain chances.

Jess Next 4 Days Highs

Rain will be the main type of precipitation next week as temperatures hover in the 50s throughout. The exception is Friday for now, when a mix could be possible by the evening. As more models come into that timeframe, we will continue to watch our next several chances for more moisture.

3 7 Day Forecast

Meteorologist Jessica Blum

FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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