Rain chances increasing through the weekend (7/15/22)

Aside from some very isolated showers moving some regions of the FOX 23 coverage area, almost everyone was able to get through Friday completely dry.

That will change heading into the weekend as rain chances start to go up. Rain chances on Saturday aren’t necessarily high, but you may find yourself dodging a few of these during the afternoon and evening.

Several runs of Stormcast have hinted at the potential to see a shower or two on Saturday morning, especially along and north of Cape Girardeau. We’re likely looking at a lull in activity during the afternoon before a few more evening storms become possible.

Mb Stormcast Kbsi

There will likely be several dry hours on Saturday, and it will be a hot day. We’re looking at high temperatures in the 90s for many once again.

Dma Tomorrow High

It’ll be hot and humid on Saturday, so we’re bumping the Skeeter Meter into the “High” category. Rain chances are significantly higher on Sunday and Monday, so we could be looking at prime conditions for mosquito activity.

Skeeter Meter

Rain chances stick around into Monday, especially the first half of the day. Conditions trend drier on Monday afternoon. Despite a brief cooldown attributed to the uptick in rain chances, we enter another heat wave by the middle part of next week.

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Meteorologist Malcolm Byron
FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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