Rain south, snow north Monday night (11/13/22)

After a cooler weekend in the 30s and 40s, temperatures are going to warm up a little to start the week on Monday. The transition from Sunday into Monday morning will include a clear night and temperatures in the lower 20s. The day will start out pleasant with a lot of sunshine and calm easterly winds, eventually warming up into the lower 40s around lunchtime.

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Monday will start out quiet with sun. However, increasing cloud cover will lead to widespread precipitation in our area by the evening hours. The central Missouri through central Illinois have a better chance to see snow, where temperatures are closer to the freezing mark.

Southeastern Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky all have a better chance to see rain out of this system as temperatures remain on the warmer side.

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Chances are likely to carry over into the early morning hours of Tuesday, too. We will clear out rain and snow chances the rest of the week, though, but remain much cooler than normal.

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