Severe storms possible, heavy rain come Wednesday (1/17/23)

Heading into Tuesday night and early Wednesday, conditions remain mild and quiet. Temperatures will stay in the low to mid 40s, if not the upper 40s for another warmer start to Wednesday. High temperatures will be in the 60s once more, providing just one more ingredient to our storm potential through the afterno0on and evening timeframe.

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As of Tuesday, Cape Girardeau and most of extreme SEMO were included in a Slight Risk for severe weather by Wednesday. Western Kentucky and southern Illinois are also within the area with several threats at play.

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Damaging winds, small hail and an isolated tornado are all possible within our area through Wednesday night.

Hail and tornadoes are on the lower end of the risk, whereas the chance to see damaging winds for a period remains one of the primary threats with these thunderstorms. Wind and heavy rainfall are the main concerns. With storms of this nature, small hail and a brief tornado cannot be ruled out.


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As for the timing of the rain, there are slight chances just after midnight, but the best chances come in the later morning hours. Then by the afternoon, more ingredients come together for thunderstorms to develop and bring with them heavy rainfall.

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Heavy rainfall is likely to happen with our incoming storm chances on Wednesday. Widespread amounts over an inch are very likely, with the chance for some spots to even see closer to 2″ or more. Flooding could be a risk for some with this, too.

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After storm chances and very warm temperatures on Wednesday, we cool off slightly the last two days of the week into the weekend. Temperatures will still be above average for some time, keeping rain our main type of precipitation through the next weekend chance as well.

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Meteorologist Jessica Blum

FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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