Severe Weather Threat for 11/29/22

There is a severe weather threat for much of the Mid-south and lower to mid Mississippi Valley. We are on the very northern fringe of the threat for severe weather, but are still in a Marginal to Slight Risk (level 1-2 on a scale of 5) for severe storms. You can track the radar on our website here—–> 

Kbsi Spc 1

The threat for a tornado outbreak does exist to our south, especially in the Mississippi area where a Moderate and Enhanced Risk exists. For us, a few isolated tornadoes are possible.

Kbsi Spc 02

Again, we are on the northern fringe of this severe weather threat, and we are also on the northern fringe of the tornado threat. The 5% potential (see below) means that there is a small chance for a tornado within any 25 mile radius. That sounds small, but this potential usually means we see 1-2 isolated tornadoes at least somewhere in the 5% shaded area.

Kbsi Tor

As is usually the case with severe weather, we also have a wind and hail potential. Storms that can form will have the potential for hail in excess of 1″ and wind in excess of 57 mph.

Kbsi Wind Kbsi Hail

KBSI Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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