Slow Warm Up Ahead (6/27/2022)

We have one more cooler than average day coming our way on Tuesday, before the heat gets turned back up. On Tuesday, we’ll start in the upper 50s, get into the lower 70s by 9am, and into the 80s for the afternoon. It will be a comfortable day with plenty of sunshine, low dewpoints, and a light northeast breeze.

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We do start to warm up after Tuesday. Highs on Wednesday will be around 90 degrees and then into the lower and middle 90s by Thursday. Still dry with lots of sunshine, though!

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Low dewpoints and a cooler than average day gives us a “low” on the Skeeter Meter, but increased heat and humidity pushes it into the “medium” range Wednesday and Thursday.

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We will remain dry through much of the week, but a chance for storms does come back into the forecast Friday and into the weekend.

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KBSI Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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