Spotty showers to the south on Thursday (8/24/22)

Unsurprisingly, we continued the trend of warm and dry weather on Wednesday. However, there may be some changes to the forecast in the near future.

For Thursday, the vast majority will experience another warm and dry day with afternoon fair weather cumulus clouds covering parts of the sky. We’re forecasting a high near 90° in Cape Girardeau.

Kbsi Dma Tomorrow High

Some spotty showers will be possible for our southern counties on Thursday. Even so, these showers will be very hit-or-miss. While Cape Girardeau will likely stay dry on Thursday, isolated storm development becomes possible for everyone on Friday.

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As we venture towards the weekend, the humidity will begin to rise to more uncomfortable levels. For that reason, we’re increasing the Skeeter Meter into the “High” category over the next few days.

Skeeter Meter

We’re keeping 90°+ high temperatures through the weekend, with small rain chances on Friday and Saturday. Rain chances start to increase on Sunday night and especially going into Monday. If you’re hoping to see some meaningful rainfall, your best chance to see it appears to be sometime early next week.

7 Day Forecast

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron
FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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