Storm chances returning in the coming days (8/25/22)

For most, Thursday was just another ordinary day with warm temperatures and dry weather. However, there were some isolated storms in a few of our counties in western Kentucky and northwest Tennessee.

On Thursday night, there will a weak front that approaches the area from the north. This could bring a stray shower or two for some of our northern counties. However, the overall odds of seeing rain from this are small.

That boundary will continue to push through the area on Friday. As a result, there could be some isolated storms across the FOX 23 coverage area on Friday.

Storm Potential Kbsi

Friday appears to be another very warm day, with high temperatures in the upper-80s and lower-90s. We’ll likely see our “coolest” high temperatures to the north.

Kbsi Dma Tomorrow High 2

The humidity will remain elevated through the weekend, so we have to keep the Skeeter Meter at least in the “High” category over the next three days. On Sunday, the Skeeter Meter goes into the “Ugh” category. This is because the potential for standing water is greater given higher rain chances.

Skeeter Meter

The highest rain chances appear to be from Sunday afternoon and evening through Tuesday for now. We’ll iron out the details as we get closer to those days, but it appears we finally have some opportunities to pick up some rain.

7 Day Forecast

Meteorologist Malcolm Byron
FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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