Strong storms expected Thursday evening throughout Friday

Thursday we will see a storm system arrive for the afternoon and really pick up in the evening hours. It is possible to see damaging winds, large hail, excessive rain with possible severe thunderstorms. The western counties in the FOX23 coverage area will see the showers and possible thunderstorms first while the storms system continue to move east throughout Friday. Temperatures continue to stay above average in the 80s on Thursday before cooling down into the 60s on Friday. Saturday, the skies dry up with a chance to see some sun, temperatures drop into the upper 50s.



A storm system will make its way into our coverage area by noon Thursday the heavier rain and possible thunderstorms will pick up by 6:00pm and continue throughout the evening hours and throughout Friday. Heavy showers and possible severe thunderstorms could be seen throughout the evening on Thursday, although the confidence is low possible spin-ups cannot be ruled out.



The KBSI coverage area is in a Marginal and Slight Risk for Severe Weather throughout Thursday as a storm system approaches for the evening hours. The Storm Alert Team will continue to track the direction and timing of this storm as it arrives.



The FOX23 coverage area is in a Slight Risk for Excessive Rainfall through Friday, we are going to be seeing heavy rain both Thursday and Friday, terrain that has been soaked from Thursday could cause flooding with Friday’s further showers



Thursday continues the trend of above average temperatures, with lower to mid 80s. Thursday will be another breezy day, wind speeds increase 15-25 mph from the southwest with gusts reaching 38 mph.



Storms are likely Thursday throughout Friday. Temperatures dip into the 60s on Friday and cool even more into the 50s for Saturday and Sunday. Skies stay dry through Monday and warm back into the 60s with another chance to see some storms Tuesday and Wednesday.


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Krista Chang

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