The heat continues through Friday

The Excessive Heat Warnings will be around through Friday, but the heat will be here on Saturday, too. By Sunday, things cool off and stay that way for a while. There are a couple of precipitation chances out there on Saturday and Monday.

Ksbi Hourly Forecast 01

We start off 10 degrees above average, in the middle 70s, and end up 10 degrees above average for the high.

Ksbi Hourly Heat Index Forecast 01

The heat index will once again be very, very hot.

Dma Tomorrow High With Day Of Week

We will all be hot Thursday afternoon with highs very close to 100 degrees.

Dma Tomorrow Dewpoint High With Day Of Week

The dewpoint will be very high and in the middle and upper 70s.

Dma Tomorrow Heat Index With Day Of Week

The heat index will be at dangerous levels Thursday. 110 to 115 degree heat indices are likely.

Exc Heat

Because of that, the Excessive Heat Warning is in place through Friday.

Skeeter Meter 2

The Skeeter Meter will be in the medium range through Saturday.

3 7 Day Forecast

Storm Alert Team Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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