The Heat Remains (7/6/22)

Heat and humidity is still here and so are the Excessive Heat Warnings. The warnings are in place through Thursday evening.

Kbsi Heat Warning

The actual temperatures will be close to 100 degrees Thursday and Friday and with a dewpoint in the 70s, the heat index will be in a range from 105 to 110 degrees each afternoon.

Kbsi Forecast          Kbsi Heat Index Forecast

With the heat and humidity, the lack of wind, and the potential for having some standing water, the Skeeter Meter is going to be way up there. “High” to “Ugh” is the forecast!

Kbsi Skeeter

After we get past Friday, the temperature does cool off in time for the weekend. It will still be in the upper 80s and lower 90s, but the dewpoint will start to let up a little so it won’t feel quite as bad. We do have chances for rain on and off through Saturday and then again early next week.

Kbsi 7day

KBSI Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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