Very warm this week, storms become possible

Scooters Java Jumpstart

Monday starts us off quiet and mild with plenty of sunshine.

Dma Tomorrow High With Day Of Week

Most of us will get into the lower 60s with a light southwest breeze. Pretty nice day!
Dma Day 2 High

Tuesday will be mild, as well!

Mb Stormcast 1 Kbsi

It’ll be warm on Tuesday, but precipitation will be rolling through. There’s a good chance for some rainfall.

Dma Day 3 High

Wednesday will be VERY mild. 70s for just about everybody!

3 7 Day Forecast

Then Wednesday night into Thursday there’s a chance for some strong to severe storms. We’re monitoring that situation and will know more about timing and location in the coming days.

Storm Alert Team Chief Meteorologist
Rusty Dawkins

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