Weekend storm chances increase

Storm chances increase for Saturday, with precipitation expected throughout the day. Southern Illinois, western Kentucky and Tennessee will see strong to possible severe storms Saturday evening. The possibility for storms continue throughout Sunday into Monday. We will be seeing on and off storm chances the next couple of days. A taste of summer for the next week, temperatures will be staying in the 80s for a while.



Saturday morning and afternoon we will see rain showers on the lighter side for much of Missouri. By 5:00pm a stronger storm system will reach southern Illinois and will move through western Kentucky and NW Tennessee.



There is a Marginal Risk for Severe Weather in southern Illinois and western Kentucky. This is in effect through Saturday. Locally heavy rainfall and lightning is expected. The Storm Alert Team will continue to track this storm system as it approaches.



We will start the day with temperatures in the upper 50s, then warm up into the 70s and 80s for the rest of the evening.



We will be seeing on and off storm chances in the incoming days. Our temperatures in May on average are in the mid 70s, but we will be above average in the mid to lower 80s throughout next week. Our average low temperatures will be above average as well in the 60s. Overall, it will be feeling a little like summer the next several days.


Weather Forecaster
Krista Chang

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