Winds persist through Monday, but a pleasant end to September (9/25/22)

As winds shift to be out of the northwest, cooler and cooler air is going to fill in over the next several days. A dry, yet pleasant end to September is calling for any and all outdoor activities this week! With highs reaching the 80s on Sunday, Monday will feel a bit cooler with highs expected to be in the 70s with winds gusting once more.

Dma Tomorrow High

As a low pressure system moves away and to the east, rapid changes in pressure follow it and with rapid changes in pressure over small areas, windier conditions will persist. This is what we are experiencing along with some mixing of upper air winds down to the surface. Breezy conditions are expected through Monday with gusts upward of 20 miles per hour.

Jb Model Wind Kbsi

The dry air continues to sit over the area as well, with dewpoints well into the 40s and 50s. So with pleasant daytime highs, breezy conditions, no rain in the forecast and a lack of humidity, the Skeeter Meter will remain “low” for the next few days.

Skeeter Meter

After Sunday, next week will bring cooler-than-normal temperatures as the normal temperature around this time of year is 79°F. The coming week will also see a mix of sun and clouds to round out several great opportunities for fall festivities. The end of September is calling for sporting events and walks in the park.

7 Day Forecast

Meteorologist Jessica Blum

FOX 23 Storm Alert Team

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