15th annual Haunted Hollow at Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center

MAKANDA, Ill. (KBSI) – It was 15th year of snakes and creepy crawlers, and haunted cabins for families and children of all ages to enjoy. Touch of Nature Outdoor Education center held its annual haunted hollow.  

Director of Touch of Nature Outdoor Education Center Brian Croft said the idea is to bring a friendly Halloween experience.  

“The idea of it is we really wanted a family-friendly Halloween experience,” said Croft. 

The day was filled with plenty of activities, along with the haunted cabins and snakes, there were rocking climbing and more events for families to experience.  

“We have our climbing wall we have our high adventure course that’s called the Saluki sore where you have to climb up a 25-foot pole and then jump out and try to touch a ball,” said Croft. 

Outdoor Education Program Coordinator Sydney Pogue, says this event is important to give the community something to do and to let them know about the touch of nature center as well.  

“It’s so important to provide opportunities like this for the community not only to give kids more than one chance to wear their costume but just to get the community together and show them that the touch of nature exists and we’re happy to have people and we’re open to having people,” said Pogue.  

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