41st annual horseshoe tournament brings thousands out in Leopold

LEOPOLD, Mo. (KBSI) – Forty one years of fun and tradition were had this weekend at the annual state horseshoe tournament hosted by the Knights of Columbus in Leopold.

The event saw more than 5,000 attendees this weekend, with 3,000 of those alone at the tournament on Saturday. 

Knights of Columbus member Dustin Hoesli says this year’s tournament was set up by the younger members of the organization, like himself, with the goal to get younger kids excited about this tournament tradition as well. 

“We’re looking at maybe changing that. Looking at maybe a junior division you know try to get the kids involved at a young age would be pretty cool,” said Hoesli. 

The annual horseshoe event brings friends together for a yearly reunion and inspires kids to partake in future events. 

“Just enjoy the camaraderie getaway have a nice little mini vacation but it’s something that a lot of these people here have been doing since you know they were younger watching their dads and grandpas and their moms and grandmas compete,” said Hoesli. 

Bev Hoeft from Washington County participated in the tournament this year and says it turned out great.  

“Everyone to come out and we’re pretty far out here so it’s a little bit of a drive and everything, but a lot of the same participants are the same ones we become friends with other councils and so it’s kind of a nice little mixture as well,” said Hoeft. 

The tournament venue changes every year. The next time Leopold gets a chance to host will be in seven years. 

However, Hoesli wants people to know that no matter where the tournament is, it’s fun for everyone including nonmembers. 

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