Grocery store coming to Cairo, 1st time in 7 years

CAIRO, Ill. (KBSI) – Men of Power-Women of Strength and other southern Illinois organizations are teaming together to bring a grocery store to the city of Cairo. 

It is named Rise Community Market and will be the first grocery store in close to 7 years.  

Men of Power-Women of Strength President Steven Tarver says the grocery store will help keep money in Cairo.  

“The grocery store would be a co-op, that means that it would be by us and for us. That would help to keep the money here in town, not having to drive out and spend those dollars to go out and purchase other places. People having ownership of something finally,” said Tarver.  

Tarver believes that the grocery store can spark others to create a business in the area.  

“I believe it would help us economically, and then they’ll venture off into other things. We have a lot of spaces, a lot of voids that are in our community, so as people start to see dreams and visions start to come into place that reaches into their bags of tricks and start opening up their dreams and visions also,” said Tarver. 

The excitement of the grocery store is already making an impact. 

Men of Power-Women of Strength Vice President Marcella Woodson says members of the community signed up for store memberships. 

“People were watching live on Facebook and left the comfort of their homes to come out and get their memberships and their co-ownership into the co-op, so the word is spreading,” said Woodson. 

Rise Community Market will open its doors in hopefully the next few months, according to the organization, but they want everyone to know the support of the community is how the grocery store will survive.  

“First and foremost, more community unity being that this is a co-op, it’s vital that our community comes together to help this operation sustain as well as the community to thrive,” said Woodson. 

For more information on membership details, visit Men of Power-Women of Strength and Rise Community Market on Facebook.

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