AAA cautions of further price increases at the fuel pumps

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Drivers in the Show-Me State rang in the new year with higher prices at the pumps.

“We have seen fuel prices in Missouri and around the country really increase over the last couple of weeks,” said AAA Public Affairs Specialist Nick Chabarria.

The fluctuations, unfortunately, is something in which Americans have come to expect as prices have increased, and most likely, will continue the trend that wreaks havoc on checking accounts.

The state has been home to price increases before, but the recent rise in cost is approximately 25 cents over the previous 11 days.

“And what we are largely seeing is a result of increased demand for gasoline from year-end holiday travel as well as that winter blast that impacted much of our area and much of the country,” added Chabarria.

But as we navigate through the initial week of January, a cost increase at the pump seems quite reminiscent of the previous two years.

“As the supply was impacted, as demand rose, that is largely why we are seeing the increase now and infield prices,” concluded Chabarria.

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