Agricultural technology has changed the landscape of farming in the southeast

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – Farmers in the southeast have upgraded their source of agriculture by incorporating technology.

The advancement in technology includes drones, airplanes, and GPS devices.

President and co-owner of Inland Rice Company Sam Schnider says, “We do use GPS technology in all of our tractors. From our Front wheel assist tractors, all the way to our combines and spray riggs. It allows us to be more efficient. We also use drones and airplanes to apply different types of fertilizers and chemicals.”

The use of technology has also allowed farmers to have an easier workload while still being able to work longer hours.

“Technology in agriculture has definitely opened up more opportunities in ag because you still have a physical need for farmers. You still have a physical need for people who know how to work on and service that equipment.” according to Schnider.

With Tuesday’s visit from Senator Jason Smith at the Inland Rice Company and Midwest Agri-Chemico, area farmers are getting full support in making new advancements in the agriculture business.

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