SEMO Pets holds annual gourmet and dessert auction

JACKSON, Mo (KBSI) – Southeast Missouri Pets hosted its annual gourmet food and dessert auction.  

SEMO Pets Shelter Operations Manager Jenn Farmer says is one of SEMO Pets’ biggest fundraisers.  

“Purpose this is one of the major fundraisers that we do for Southeast Missouri Pets. It raises up to you know $5,ooo to $7,000 depending on you know some of the things that we have,” said Farmer. 

The event was open to the public, with anyone allowed to bring food they cooked. The auction helped SEMO Pets in many ways  

“It’s important for the animals. It’s important for the staff. It’s important to keep the lights on. Yeah, we have so many things that we need done and need to do,” said Farmer. 

The donations don’t just stop with the auction.  

“We also take donations of you know towels food toys all sorts of things,” said Farmer. 

To give to SEMO Pets visit their website at 

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