Base Rock Minerals holds meeting to reassure Fruitland residents of their concerns

FRUITLAND, Mo. (KBSI) – Residents in Fruitland, Missouri, by a nearby quarry, were concerned with the expansion for permits the quarry is wanting to perform.

A meeting which took place at the Drury Inn Thursday night, where residents voiced their concerns for the expansion.

Director Greg Berry says the meeting went well. Their goal was to inform the public that the quarry is willing to do anything to help.

“The main concern was the dust on the road. And so, the company they heard this from residents before, a year or more ago, they paved this entire entryway to try to help, bought a sweeper to try to help.”

With the paving of the entryway and using the sweeper, the roads are less of an issue. Another concern was the vibrations due to blasting.

Berry says the quarry is well in its limits of conducting safe blasting zones. He says each blast is monitored and read to be within legal limits.

“There’s a 3D image of the whole process, they look at where the rock is, the burden, which is the distance of the hole to the face of the rock, and they load the hole according to a 3D profile, which is how they control the ground vibration.”

The quarry operates with three businesses on location, the quarry along with a concrete and asphalt company.

The pit of the quarry is where the company draws the rock from, which is the expansion the quarry needs for their permits. The pit will expand away from nearby residents, which are already legal limits away from the base of the quarry.

When all is said and done, and there is no more rock to draw from, the quarry will be turned into a large lake, bringing in habitats and ecosystems for the area.

But for now, Director Berry just wants everyone to know they want to be good neighbors.

Berry says, “We basically said, ‘We hear you. Let us take it back, give us a chance, and we will try and make it better.”

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