Better Business Bureau warns of Smart TV scams


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Scammers now are targeting victims through everyday devices that are connected to the internet.

And that includes your Smart TVs.

The Better Business Bureau states its Scam Tracker has seen an increase of reports of scammers catching people off-guard with pop-ups on their TVs and streaming apps.

Cape Girardeau Better Business Bureau Regional Director, Whitney Quick, says internet scams are now happening on Smart TVs vis apps asking you to call them.

“If you call the number, it is going to be scammers pretending to be customer service representatives. They are going to insist you pay an activation fee or allow them remote access on your TV. And, if you give them access to your device or click on the link they provide, it could install Malware on your TV and use it to gain access to sensitive personal information,” said Quick.

Quick suggests double-checking any possible fees you must pay, stay away from fake websites, check before making any phone calls, and never let anyone control your device from an alternate location.

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