Cape Bible Chapel hosts Red, White and Blue Appreciation Day for first responders

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – First responders are an essential part of the fabric of any community, and that is no different in Cape Girardeau.

And Sunday morning, Cape Bible Chapel invited fire, law enforcement, and EMS personnel to a special day of recognition for their important role in serving this community. 

Lead Pastor Dr. Josh Stephens said Red, White and Blue Appreciation Day was just that: an expression of love and appreciation for the sacrifices made by first responders.

“The way that these people sacrifice is what we often recognize and connect with what Jesus sacrificed of His life for our behalf, as well,” he said.

Stephens said his family has developed a tradition of praying every time they hear sirens from an ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement vehicle.

“It’s just one of those things that I believe I can do as a Christian to be able to demonstrate that I really love these people,” he said. “They may not know that I’m doing that, but I know that the God who works all things out together for good is involved in that circumstance and is going to watch and protect over them in that moment.” 

The church welcomed both Cape and Jackson first responders, including firefighter Marcus Johnson, who attends Cape Bible Chapel.

“I’ve just been on the department for a year and a half,” Johnson said. “I’m in my mid-30s, so I’m a little late in the game, but to still have this opportunity to represent and be a big part, it’s humbling.” 

Johnson described the sequence of events that led to him being able to participate in this service. 

“This is my crew, so I had a guy come off another crew to work for me so we could make this happen,” he said. “And then I got to acknowledge my chief. That was just amazing how it all went down.” 

And Stephens said days like this have significant impact on the younger generation. 

“It always just warms my heart to know that we’re helping develop a generation of people, as well as those who are going to be growing up in our communities to appreciate the men and women who serve in those capacities in our community,” he said.

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