Food truck rally held at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – Cape Girardeau residents had much to look forward to as food trucks gathered at Arena Park to offer people new meals to try.  

Turk Dawgs owner and event creator Suzana Long says this idea came about because of Jackson Food Rally.  

“I contacted some of the other local trucks and they were like completely for doing a food truck here in case so we just decided to put it together and this is our first one,” said Long.  

The rally features trucks from all over and gives people a chance to see new food and trucks owner a chance to network and gain new customers. 

“When you run your own business pretty and get to know everyone and our first name basis and just really get to know the people that you’re working with so like I said we have people from Sikeston here we have people from Malden here we have people from Perryville you know everyone in the area coming down in one group together and we all support each other,” said Long.  

The support doesn’t stop with the trucks that are at the event here, 

Long says that with every food truck event there will be different food trucks for variety. 

“That way you don’t come every time and see you know our truck here or someone else it’s always changing every two weeks we do a new event with new trucks,” said Long. 

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