Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center Fantastic Frogs program provides interactive educational opportunity for preschoolers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center’s Fantastic Frogs program provided preschoolers at the Cape Public Schools Early Childhood Center an opportunity to learn about the different frogs that call Missouri home.

Naturalist Cameron Johnston told me what she enjoys most about doing these programs for preschoolers. 

“Just their excitement. They are ready to learn, whatever you have to tell them, and frogs are an exciting topic, so a lot of kids get really excited about that,” she said.

And no two classes are the same. 

“It’s really exciting every time because every class has a different group of kids, and so you might have some kids that know a lot what you’re talking about, some that have never even heard of it, so it’s really fun to see different kids and their experiences,” Johnston said.

The Nature Center also conducts a program in the fall called Talking Turkeys, and Julia Jorgensen with the Early Childhood Center says in addition to teaching the children about nature, there is a more personal benefit for the kiddos when it comes to these programs. 

“The children get to see somebody different, first of all, that’s a big deal, and someone that knows about turkeys, or today frogs, and loves them and likes children, so they’re very kid-friendly adults, and a child never has enough people to love them,” she said.

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