Cape Girardeau Corner Grocery Store feeling impacts of egg shortage, inflation

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With egg prices approaching or even eclipsing $4 per dozen throughout the country, consumers and sellers are feeling the pinch. 

Things have gotten so tough that places like the Corner Grocery Store in downtown Cape Girardeau have had to stop selling eggs. 

Robert Gentry opened his store on Broadway 16 years ago, and he has never experienced anything like this egg shortage. 

“We have never had to, forcibly due to price, discontinue anything,” he said. “We’ve had things we’ve had to discontinue just because it just was a slow sale or maybe just wasn’t in our demographic of our customers, but as far as strictly due to pricing, this is the first one.” 

Gentry stopped selling eggs at his store three weeks ago because of these sky-high prices. 

“Smaller companies and grocers like myself, that’s a real challenge to try to pass that, particularly that kind of increase to your small customer base,” he said.

The average cost of a dozen large Grade A eggs hit $4.25 in December. Compare that with gas prices, which are hovering around $3.40 per gallon on average nationwide right now, and consumers must decide how to balance their finances even more. 

“I’ve been around here for a little while on planet Earth, and I’ve been driving my vehicle for a number of years, and never have a dozen of eggs cost more than a gallon of gas,” Gentry said.

In a moment of reflection, Gentry thought back fondly to his days as a child. 

“I can remember as a young kid, my mother giving me and my brother a couple of dollars. We could go get a couple dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, a pound of bacon, and the eggs were like 35 cents a dozen,” he said. “Now, that’s dating me, but still, just a reflection that I remember better days, let’s say, better days for eggs.” 

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