Cape Girardeau Police Department shines spotlight on Take-Me Home program

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Cape Girardeau Police Department is putting the spotlight on a program that helps those with cognitive or developmental disabilities find their way home after getting lost. 

The Cape Girardeau Police Department has had some version of the Take-Me Home program in place for about a decade, but now CGPD Public Information Officer Cpl. Ryan Droege says they have a new system that allows officers to quickly take action to serve the community better. 

“Sure, Take Me Home was a program we’ve actually been doing for several years. We recently over the last year or two got a new records management system for our department so with this new software we’re using, it really gives us a lot more of an ease to search that database so we’ve integrated it in and now it’s a lot easier or quicker for our officers,” said Cpl. Droege. 

 The Take Me Home program offers a way for officers to help individuals who are non-verbal or are sometimes incapable of identifying themselves get home safely.  

All you need to do is go online to the Cape Girardeau Police Department website and sign up. 

“Anyone can come to our website and it’s made for children maybe some grandparents anyone who’s really not verbal or gets disoriented easily or may not be able to identify themselves or explain where they live to us,” said Cpl. Droege.  

With your information stored in their system, officers will be able to quickly identify those who need extra help finding their way home. 

That information includes emergency contacts, a digital photo, and any important medical information. 

Cpl. Droege understands that some people can be nervous to share this information, but it can be important to keep your loved ones safe. 

“I understand why someone might be hesitant to give out a lot of identifying information to someone or to send that information over the internet so I get where they’re coming from,” Cpl. Droege said. “However, it is a very vital program for whenever we encounter these people in the street and they said it’s not every day it’s not even every month but when that time comes it really is great for both us and for that member of our community to have someone looking out for him and knowing how to take care of them how to best keep them safe.” 

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