Cape Noon Lions Club hosts 85th Pancake Day

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KBSI) – The Cape Noon Lions Club of Cape Girardeau handed out pancakes at the AC Brase Arena Wednesday morning.

“We show out, all of our boys are here, helpin’ out and serving our community it’s a beautiful day.” said Gunnar Knudtson, chairman of the Lions.

The members prepare, cook, and hand out the fluffy golden cakes to raise funds for the southeast area.

Terry Madsen, future chairman for the Cape Noon Lions Club: “Pancake Day basically is our largest fundraiser for the year, without the community involvement that we’ve had for eighty five years now we just wouldn’t be able to do the things that Lions Club is dedicated to do.”

But what goes into the perfect pancake?

Knudtson says the secret is the 85-years-old machinery.

“The right amount of grease, it’s a beautiful thing, the right number of griddles, they’re all griddle jockeys. I hope you get to see, and they are talented at what they do, and hard labor,” he said.

“Happy Pancake Day!”

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