Cape Tenants look to unionize renters for support, address housing issues

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With the staggering inflation, the housing market is at an all-time high and renters especially are feeling the pain. 

Cape Girardeau has members of the community coming together to help address these issues. 

Cape Tenants is an organization that wants to help bring together tenants experiencing rental problems. It gives people a place to vent their frustrations and come together to offer solutions to their problems. 

Cape Tenants canvas leader Michele Jackson says right now is just about starting the union.  

“Well right now we’re just creating a union of renters so we could get better living conditions, rental control things like that.So we can you know not think about things that are being broken down in our house and we can go live like normal people,” said Jackson.  

Many of the members of the union don’t feel as if they can live normally, such as Ramona Bailey, who says she felt like she was drowning with her rental problems.  

“Kind of got a part of this you know it seemed like you know I was asked about you know being a part of this but it seems like I was already in the fight but didn’t know how to I just knew I was drowning and I didn’t want to sink,” said Bailey. 

Members of the group are starting to feel like they can come together at Cape Tenants to find like-minded people and communities looking to help them make an actual change.   

“But as we are coming together, ‘I’m hearing your story. Oh I have that experience.’ And I’ve heard this person’s story we share the same experiences so it’s like we’re all drowning together. How can we keep from drowning?” said Bailey. 

“It’s important because everybody needs to get involved especially if you’re a renter. Or even if you want to own a home, it’s still important for you to get involved because everybody deserves decent housing and the only way, we’re going to get it is with if we organize. We come together, help each other so when you do have a grievance, you’re not doing it alone,” said Jackson. 

For more information on Cape Tenants, you can visit them on Facebook at Cape Girardeau Tenants.  

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