Carbondale Police Department’s Basic Citizen Police Academy returns

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KBSI) – The Carbondale Police Department’s Basic Citizen Police Academy returns for 5 weeks of classes.  

Carbondale Police Department Community Resource Officer Randy Mathis says the academy is a way for citizens to see the way behind everything an officer does. 

“So, this one can talk directly to police officers and learn more about the why and the how of how police departments operate,” said Mathis.  

Individuals that go through the training will be able to focus on an overview of police department divisions such as patrol tactics and traffic stops, introduction to investigations, and crime scenes. Mathis says this academy is perfect because it gives officers and citizens private time to speak rather than in hostile situations.  

“Because it gives them an opportunity to learn more about what their possible chosen profession could be like they’re in the middle of,” Mathis said, “They’re in the middle of doing their job and sometimes those are dangerous situations, we don’t always have the time to ask people who might be curious about these types of things to be able to explain to them why these things are done this way.” 

The Carbondale Police Department also encourages citizens to join this academy, not to just learn what they do but to also give suggestions and voice their own opinions on how to handle situations, as well.  

“It’s not just that one way. So, it’s the ability for the participant to be able to share with us what their thoughts and feelings are and sometimes that can lead to some changes in how things are done,” said Mathis. 

Applications for the academy are due Monday October 3rd, For more information visit Citizens Police Academy | Carbondale, IL ( 

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