Children’s Mental Health Week is from May 7th through May 13th

Childrens Mental Health Week Is From May 7th Through May 13th

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – This week marks Children’s Mental Health Week, and KBSI is dedicated to breaking the stigma of mental health services all month long.  

Children’s Mental Health Week is from May 7th through May 13th, the week is dedicated to helping break the stigma of getting services for mental health in hopes of starting the process earlier.   

Tonya Adams, a licensed clinical social worker at Bootheel Counseling Services, emphasized the importance of addressing mental health symptoms early on. 

“It’s important to kind of see these symptoms and get treatment early because the earlier we can get in and get positive interventions into place, the more likely the outcome will be better as an adult,” Adams said. 

 Betty Jo Jenkins, a peer specialist at Bootheel Counseling Services, explained that her job is different from a social worker’s in that she offers support by sharing her own experiences. 

“Someone who gets to come in and work in a professional capacity, but what we’re doing essentially is using our own lived experience to come in and work with our community consumers,” Jenkins said. 

 Jenkins added that it’s important for those struggling with their mental health, regardless of age, to find someone who can help them navigate their emotions in a positive way. 

She also encouraged family and friends to educate themselves about what the person is going through and to ask how they can be helpful. 


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