City of Carterville to host free produce event 6/28

CARTERVILLE, Ill. (KBSI) – The city of Carterville will host another free produce event Tuesday, June 28 for anyone in need of produce.

Tuesday’s event is expected to start around noon. It will be at the Carterville police station.

The city first teamed up with the police department to give away free produce on June 15. The idea came about when a local warehouse found that it had extra produce that it was not using.

Carterville City Clerk Khrissy Hollister made some calls and got the produce.

The event on June 15 was last minute but within a day, the city of Carterville picked up the produce, and managed to give the food to anyone in need.

“So, I’m always just looking for little ways to help the community or just have something different just randomly,” Hollister said. “It’s never really planned it just kind of comes together and I have my people and it works out people were so appreciative today and happy.”

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