Increased concern regarding self-operating vehicles, per AAA

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – “Wait a minute, this isn’t exactly what I thought it was.” 

AAA Public Affairs Specialist Don Redman said this reaction to automation technology in cars not working as expected has caused some concern with this technology among drivers. 

“All these technologies, people like that, but they’re just a little worried about an over-reliance on the technology,” he said.

Redman also said marketing tactics have blurred some people’s vision of what the current technology in vehicles is capable of. 

“You’ll see commercials of people releasing their hands from the steering wheel and saying the future’s here,” he said. “Well, the future’s not here yet, and we certainly don’t advocate anybody taking their hands off the wheel. Just a big reminder that they are a tool, just like your spare tire is a tool.” 

Redman said the goal for automakers that are incorporating this technology is to eventually get a car to drive itself. 

“Eventually, the driver may be replaced, but it’s not now, it’s not tomorrow,” he said. “The 2023 vehicle that you buy today, you need to be fully engaged behind that steering wheel.” 

But because we are a long way from cars driving themselves, Redman had some parting advice for drivers when it comes to operating a vehicle that features some of this new technology. 

“Don’t think that you can facetime, that you can watch a movie, that you can text crazily and let the car drive itself,” he said. “We need everybody, regardless of the newer technology that’s coming out, we need everybody with their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.” 

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