Couple helps family corgi stay comfortable with incurable disease

"Degenerative myelopathy, which is basically K-9 ALS," said Jade. "It was heartbreaking."

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) — At first glance, Ash the corgi is just like any other dog.

“He can walk with his pack. He does 2 and a half miles no problem,” said Jade Blacksher, his owner.

However, if you take closer look Ash is anything but normal. An incurable disease has caused him to lose function in his back legs.

“Degenerative myelopathy, which is basically K-9 ALS,” said Jade. “It was heartbreaking.”

The diagnosis came in January of 2020. Ash’s owners, Todd and Jade Blacksher, noticed he was slipping on the tile in their home.

“We didn’t understand why. We thought it might have been dry outside. So we started investigating,” Jade said.

The investigation quickly turned to how to help Ash feel as comfortable as possible as his muscles deteriorated. Jade quickly met someone on Facebook who donated a special wheelchair for Ash to place his back legs.

Jade says, Ash didn’t like it at first. But once they added some extra padding in the back sling, Ash loved it.

“Once we got that in place, he took off like a shot, he was gone.”

Now, not even the cold can slow him down. Todd, an engineer, took a donated cross country ski and screwed it into the bottom of the wheelchair so Ash could run around during ruff (pun intended) Nebraska winters.

“Oh he loves the cold,” Todd said.

So now, when you see Ash, he’ll be dragging his wheelchair and his legs behind him while chasing his brother, Bucky.

And Todd and Jade, now empty-nesters, will enjoy any extra time with their “boys” as they can.

“Everyone knows we call them the boys,” Todd said. “We’re taking the boys out for a walk, We’re taking the boys out for a ride.”

Ash is currently 11 years old and is in good health despite the disease.

Todd and Jade want everyone to know that they can get a DNA test to see if degenerative myelopathy is in your dog’s family history. Just ask your vet for the test.

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