Dog found in Perry County cave reunited with family, recovering well

PERRY COUNTY, Mo. (KBSI) – Jeff Bohnert was stunned to learn that a group of spelunkers had found his 13-year-old dog Abby in a cave about a quarter-mile from his house. 

“It was like, how could that be? It’s been two months,” he said.

Bohnert said Abby and his other dog, Summer, went out on one of their usual expeditions on June 9. He knew something was amiss when Summer returned without Abby. 

“Summer was back the next morning when I went out to feed them, but Abby wasn’t back,” he said. “At that point I knew something probably pretty serious had happened because they’re pretty inseparable. Summer usually won’t leave Abby’s side.” 

The spelunkers told Bohnert they believed that Abby had fallen into a sinkhole that leads into one of the caves in the area. Then on August 6, the cavers found her, and she was reunited with her family.

Bohnert said she is recovering incredibly well. 

“She wants to run around, and she’s happy,” he said. “She’s waging her tail again. When she first came home, she didn’t do a lot of that. She’s still having a hard time barking, and I don’t know if it’s maybe because she barked so much down in there trying to get attention that she damaged her voice a little bit, but it’s starting to come back slowly.” 

Call it a miracle. Call it a gift. 

“I stop and think, it’s like, what else is she gonna do? Like why is she still here? There must be a reason for her to be back. I mean, it’s just too unbelievable almost,” Bohnert said. 

Whatever it is, it’s a tale of survival as courageous as Abby herself. 

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