First Friday Coffee held in Cape Girardeau

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The Cape Chamber hosted First Friday Coffee on Friday, September 8.

The event was held at the Century Casino Event Center.

Leadership Cape presented a session about Team Project. The team recognized the need to provide a Safe Exchange Zone for residents of Cape Girardeau and surrounding areas. Many times people meet to exchange goods at their homes or in unfamiliar, unmonitored locations and frequently complete the transactions alone. That could result in criminal activity such as fraud of robberies. The initiative would provide a safe place for the public to meet and exchange goods and provide a neutral location for child custody transfers/exchanges.

The objective of the project is to provide a safe environment for the public to make personal transactions such as the buying and selling of online goods and to provide a neutral location for child custody exchanges.

The Cape Girardeau Police Department has designated three parking stalls as safe exchange zones for an exchange the public may need. Officers encourage the use of police facilities for parents and caregivers who have concerns regarding child custody transfers.

The Accessibility Advisory Board also presented about ways to add improvements to be more inclusive. Ideas included adult sized changing tables, calming spaces and wheelchair charging stations.

The Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce had their annual leadership conference, where different teams brought their ideas to the table.
Whitney Quick, is the Vice President of Programs and Leadership Development for the Cape Chamber of Commerce, she adds that these projects have value within the community for the betterment of Cape Girardeau.
“It is incredibly important for professional development, and again those connections, that these people make through this program, are really valuable.” Says, Quick.

Approximately 200 cape chamber members attended first friday coffee, an early morning networking opportunity featuring the short program.

Amanda Helslinga, the Director of Outreach for the Cape Girardeau Outreach Center says, “Each team had to come up with something they thought would benefit Cape Girardeau and the surrounding areas.”
Amanda Heslinga is the director of outreach, for the Cape Girardeau outreach center and her team put together a presentation for a children’s museum.
Helslinga adds, “A children’s museum that is focused on youth ages nine and up, a place where those children, those ages can go, learn and also get mentorship, and career experiences.”
Ideas presented in the past such as the Riverfront Farmers Market, Cape Dog Park and Farm to Table Dinner are all ideas presented by the leadership team.

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