George DeMyers II exhibit comes to Crisp Museum

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo (KBSI) – A local artist will soon be bringing his artwork back to the area for his exhibit at his old school Crisp Museum on the River aCmpus. 

George DeMyers II exhibit opens on July 8 Mat 5:30 p.m. at Southeast Missouri State University’s Crisp Museum. DeMyers has been around the arts all his life.  

His father was an artist himself and it is who DeMyers says was his inspiration to draw. 

“Really probably need to attend Southeast Missouri State and then have my work exhibited at you know Southeast Missouri State River campus so it’s really an honor and I’m proud of it,” said DeMyers. 

Demyers, says he is inspired by the world around him, especially things that affect his life. 

 He hopes that those who come to the exhibit get a chance to see his inner self. 

“Get a viewing of the inner me because I try to put that on the canvas. It’s fun. I like to be versatile in my work so they’ll see a little bit of everything,” said DeMyers. 

DeMyers has seen his work travel the country such as his portrait of Home G. Philips, who was the first African American to own a hospital. That portrait is now displayed in Saint Louis. 

 DeMyers says this is an example of what he hopes to leave behind.  

“I want to leave a legacy for my father because he was basically the inspiration so you know you will see some of the things that I incorporated in my art that I actually viewed and got from him so,” he said. 

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