Gibson Center hosts survival supply distribution event for homeless


CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Gibson Center for Behavioral Change was out Saturday for the survival supply distribution event. 

Community liaison Cynthia Vann says they just want to do whatever it takes to help.  

“Just hats gloves scarves anything they help raise not much but I mean it’s getting cold out here,” said Vann.  

Cynthia Vann has been helping the homeless for nine years but for the last two years, she has been doing it with the Gibson Center for Behavioral Change. 

 But Vann understands the importance of just helping the homeless as much as possible.  

“You know the homeless in Cape will come out and pick up one of the bags or the sleeping rolls kind of keep them warm I mean sometimes they have absolutely nowhere to go,” said Vann. 

Community liaison Aaron Bales says this event is a great way for the Gibson Center to represent what they stand for.  

“I think it’s my philosophy that is you are blessed if you have extra that gives you the ability to give to others,” said Bales. 

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