Brothers in Glenallen try to rebuild after tornado

GLENALLEN, Mo. (KBSI) – Two weeks ago, a storm came rolling into the southeast area, bringing with it an EF2 tornado that destroyed the town of Glenallen in its path.

“They said they weren’t going to do nothing to help me.”

But for Glenallen residents like John Stanfill and his brother Phillip, rebuilding has not been going smoothly.

“One of my neighbors, they gave her $800 for her whole house that had to be torn down,” said John.

Phillip says cleanup for the community is still ongoing, with enormous help from Lowes Home Improvement.

“They brought a lot of stuff to come in and help clean up and other organizations really have helped out,” added Phillip.

But they say they are not seeing as much help from other sources outside the community.

The Stanfill brothers both say a disaster relief organization told them their community was too small and there wasn’t enough damage for them to help repair.

“They pretty much told me I was up creek without a paddle,” said Phillip.

But even in times like these the Stanfills still have hope in their community.

“The mayor and his wife in Marble Hill, you know they’re doing what they can. So…It’s just a, a waiting game.”

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