Goddell, players’ union reach agreement on Bills-Bengals game

Hamlin showing signs of recovery as he begins breathing on his own; ventilator at 50 percent.

Photo credit: Pexels

(KBSI) — The NFL Players’ Union and NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell reached an agreement Tuesday to withhold resuming the Monday Night Football game in which Buffalo defensive back Damar Hamlin — a second-year player — went into cardiac arrest in the first half, falling to the turf after tackling Bengals wideout Tee Higgins.

Out of respect to Hamlin and his family, the game will not be resumed this week — the final week of the regular season.

But at a time such as this, the game of football pales in comparison to the 24-year-old’s health and road to recovery, as well as the mental fortitude of those directly involved with the Bills and Bengals.

In pleasing developments, Hamlin is breathing on his own at a 50 percent rate, which is encouraging.

Hamlin was resuscitated twice; once on the field and again at the hospital.

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