Gordonville Fire District opens its doors to the community and potential volunteers

GORDONVILLE, Mo. (KBSI) – Saturday, Gordonville Fire District Station 1 opened its doors and truck to the community for an open house event to celebrate ten years since station one opened.   

Gordonville Fire District Station 1 had a bit of it all for its community open house from giveaways, to fire truck tours, to food trucks. 

Gordonville Fire District Fire Chief Michael Gentry said Saturday was a chance to show the community what they are about but was also a chance to add potential volunteers to their team.

“You have guys that are full-time career guys, are farmers guys, at work, you know in the factories so everybody makes one team to better serve the community,” said Gentry. 

They serve the community and give families and those helped by the fire district a chance to show their appreciation to those who serve and protect. 

“A few years ago, our son, unfortunately, had two seizures within six hours of each other and called 911 and our fire district was the first to respond it was kind of a nice relief to have… you know that helped there right away so it was very important to have a fire district within our community,” said Natalie Govreau, a visitor at the community open house. 

Using the open house to interact with the community in a positive way, people like Natalie Govreau and her family hope people see the impact the Gordonville Fire District and its volunteers have on the community. 

“For people to see how impactful this is for our community and just really appreciate the volunteers that put their lives on the line for us,” said Govreau. 

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