Hearing aids are now available over the counter

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – Hearing aids are now available over the counter and although this gives individuals an option to purchase aids without needing to see a doctor first, this may not be a good thing.  

John’s Pharmacy owner Abe Funk says that purchasing these over-the-counter hearing aids can be a bit pricey.    

“Over the counter, it’ll be a lower quality than what you would get from an audiologist; they may not fit as well but a lot of the pricing that we’re looking at is still fairly expensive. Some of these that we’re looking at are in the $300 to $1000 range,” said Funk. 

Over-the-counter hearing devices won’t be useful for children or people with severe hearing loss. 

With inflation still on the rise and medical exams not needed to obtain a prescription, many might just go and purchase a cheaper option.

But Funk says basic screenings are important and can be free of charge.  

“Having a basic hearing screening, lots of times, a physician or a nurse practitioner or even the audiologist will provide that free of cost, said Funk. 

Along with saving people money during these tough economic times, Funk wants individuals to understand that routine checks and being aware of what you really need is important. 

“Getting qualified clinical information is always important,” said Funk. 

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