House of Representatives, District 147 public forum

Tlapek (Lib.), Leighton (Democrat) and Voss (Rep.)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The calendar shows us the 2022 general election is a mere 14 days away.

In short, the time is now to ratchet up the miles for three state representative hopefuls: Greg Tlapek (Lib.), Andy Leighton (Dem.) and John Voss (Rep.).

All three candidates took part in a local public forum — aka debate — Tuesday evening at the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce to discuss their platforms and answer questions from the local citizens, as this is the lone contested race in the county.

The candidates are vying for the House of Representatives seat, District 147, which has been vacant since last December.

Tlapek used his introduction to address the three-party system, by saying there is a need to branch out from the traditional two-party ballot.

Candidates discussed various questions some about retaining a younger population in the region, eliminating the “brain drain” stigam, supporting educational institutions, and longterm plans to support law enforcement and programs for public safety.  

Conversely, gun safety and stricter regulations were also addressed.

Voss said the conceal-and-carry legislation has impeded the ability to place an age limit on gun ownership, something he said must change.

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