How inflation impacts air conditioning

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – The crews working on air conditioning repairs ask people to be patient as they take on an overwhelming number of calls.

With the extreme heat, Aire Solutions employees are experiencing an increased workload.

“Units are working overtime and they struggle to keep up in this type of heat and that is driving people indoors and when they’re indoors going to turn that AC down.” explained Kristopher Brown, co-owner of Aire Solutions. “So, this this tends to be one of the busiest times of the year for us.”

Prices have also increased for air conditioning companies since 2020, with multiple increases more often.

“Before we were only getting a couple price increases at the end of the year and usually, they were just a couple of percentage,” Brown said.
“Whereas now we’re getting you know, three to four price increases a year.”

These price increases have affected obtaining certain parts. The simple parts are easy to obtain but the expensive parts are more difficult.

Fuel prices are also affecting the business as they work in homes across the state. This forces customers to pay more for home visits.

Brown recommends keeping a close eye on your A/C unit to prevent extra costs.

“So, some things some homeowners can do on their own is number one make sure their air filters are cleaned. Make sure that they check them at least every 30 days. Replace them if they need to. That is the number one issue that we find in the summertime of even if a unit does breakdown usually the culprit of it is dirt,” explained Brown.

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