How to protect water pipes from freezing ahead of bitterly cold weather

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With temperatures in the Cape Girardeau area expected to dip into the single digits and possibly even below zero in the coming days, the water pipes in and around your home could be put under a great deal of stress. 

Randy Earnest of Obermanns HVAC and Plumbing outlined some preventative measures you can take inside and outside of your home. 

“Make sure everything is insulated really well,” he said. “If you have a crawl space, you can leave your faucets dripping while you’re out of the house during the night and during the day. Make sure all the hoses are disconnected from the exterior of the house to keep anything from busting or breaking.” 

Earnest said quick and immediate action could save your home from severe damage.  

“If you see a small leak like that, especially this time of year, you want to get it looked at,” he said. “Knowing where your main shutoff is can stop a lot of water coming in. If you catch a water line that’s busted, and you know where your main is, shut it off as fast as you can.” 

Repair costs from frozen pipes can reach tens of thousands of dollars, so Earnest said staying on top of things could save you some headache and stress down the line. 

“Check early and check often,” he said. “If you know you’ve got a leak and you’re worried about this cold weather coming up, you want to make sure and get it taken care of because that’s going to be the first spot it finds.” 

Other preventative measures include letting the heat run and keeping air flowing as much as possible by opening doors and cabinets.

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