How to safely dispose of fireworks

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KBSI) – With the fourth of July holiday now behind us, many might have some extra fireworks that they’re looking to safely dispose of. 

Cape Police Department Public Information Officer Corporal Ryan Droege says fireworks cannot be shot off at all within city limits except on New Year’s Eve or with a permit. 

So that means fireworks are illegal until then but for those hanging on to fireworks Cpl. Droege says that might not be safe.  

“Once they get a little older you can’t really trust how volatile that charge is going to be,” said Cpl. Droege. 

The city does not have a take-back program for unused and unwanted fireworks. 

Cpl. Droege says that the disposal of fireworks is easy. Just soak them in water overnight and wrap them in plastic the next day and throw them into the trash.  

As for disposing of used fireworks, co-owner of Hoffman Family Fireworks Rick Hoffman says what you do after they’re used is important.  

“What you do with the firework after it’s been ignited oftentimes is critical for instance, you’re shooting a larger cake item which has multi shots there might be one of those two that didn’t go off,” said Hoffman.  

Hoffman says that if you do plan on saving your fireworks for later, be sure to keep them in a safe place away from children.  

“Put them in a place that is not accessible for those that might be younger or not understand that this is a dangerous item if it’s not used properly,” said Hoffman. 

Hoffman says over the last several years he has not only seen an increase in firework sales, but also an increase in people looking to learn about how to safely and properly handle fireworks.  

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